Round-Up Election Campaign

Countdown to  P.036 By-Election is almost at the strike of the Clock.   To summarize  all  events I would like to  put it in the form of Examination Question Paper   as  below :



Part  A

Read the following passage    and  answer  the questions provided either YES  or  No  only.

On the 17 of January 2009   about 80,000  registered voters of P.036 (Kuala Terengganu) will have to decide who would represent them in Malaysian Parliament.   Their  choice is  either  to agree  to have a Yang Berhurmat once elected will be given a  govt. post as deputy minister  or  a real rakyat champion who will devote whole heartedly to the need of all his constituents at any time.

Question No.1 :    In this by-election Hudud is Non Issue    YES/NO

Question No.2 :    The 6 Boxes is too old to be an Issue           YES/NO

Question No.3:      This by-election is for a seat at   Federal Level.                                                 Nothing to do with whatever promise by the                                                     previous govt.                               YES/NO



1.  Kuala Terengganu Bandaraya  has its name as                                                   “Warisan Persisir Air”  since 01.01.2008.   In                                                   many parts of the town the drainage system                                                     is still not satisfactory.       Explain

2.  Prior to PAS Rule in 1999-2004  the Oil Royalty                                             is taken away and replaced by the system called                                             Compassionate Fund controlled by the Federal                                               Administrations.   When BN was returned  to                                                   power after 2004 general elections  The Petronas                                         5% royalty is given back to the State .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Discuss

3.  State very clearly the machanism on  how the  additional                          RM400bil oil royalty received recently to be distributed.



One Response to Round-Up Election Campaign

  1. Pengasas says:

    Salam AhmadZawawi,
    The answers are:
    1. PAS=Yes; and BN=No2armNo.
    2. WE=Yes; and WF=Be Ended.

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