RM625, 150 Equel to what?

June 29, 2008

Since the announcement of new prices of fuel and diesel the ordinary rakyat couldn`t have proper sleep.
They don`t use much petrol. The most they have is a Kapcai. Their concern is the said increase has really burden them directly in their daily life. May the Administration study the hardship faced by the very ordinary rakyat.

The Rebate is not doing any good. Simple arithmatic: Divide RM150 by 365 days (keep the answer to yourself). I think it is about time to suggest the reuse of Coupon (it was introduced during my late grandfather`s era)

For me I don`t really feel the pinch because I used to cycle 10km per day. From Rapat Setia to Ipoh Bandaraya I can make it within 25 minutes. Happy driving, while I will keep on cycling.