July 30, 2008

You name it:  warnings, ultimatum, to review or anything – PAS and UMNO is already on their way to form the fresh Perak Government. I am a member of PKR and am not sad at all of the latest development. It is a very pleasant lesson to DAP who`s having the lion share in the administration. For Perak PKR this is what you have been asking for.  Once you got into power with Pakatan most Ketua Bahagian does things according to their  whims & fancy.  This special mentioned is for Perak PKR only. I am not familiar with PKR elsewhere. A few functions being organised by the state only meant for people mostly appointed by Ketua Bahagian himself. And I called this people as ‘the president`s men’. It is because most of the time the division leader only passed his decision to these people only.

Once the new Perak Govt. materialised (before Fasting month?) to avoid embarrassment  I sincerely wish that all of you cross-over either to PAS or welcome home to UMNO. PKR can still survive with people who from the very beginning have devoted wholeheartedly to the struggle of the party.

I am also aware that by writing this I will be forever sidelined.  I may not hold any position in future but I will still be around because I love this party. For the particular figure who does not want me to be in the party  he has got all the means to do so.