A Stimulus for Exams

November 13, 2008

Its quite some time that I did not write any post.  The very reason is obvious that I have to concentrate fully on my tasks to sit for the final in mid-december.

Right now I am almost ready for the exams.   Normally at every end of the semester I would take two days rest and relax.  I usually goes to Cameron Highlands during these period.  I will visit all the farms at the Peak namely Strawberry farm, rose and butterfly garden  and  Boh Tea Plantation  area at Tanah Rata.  I hope I can still make it this time.  If everything goes as planned I will check-in this evening at Brinchang.

All these have been my routine at every semester break.  I always call this trip as my examinations tonic.  After visiting the green lung there I will surely feel  fresh and in very happy mood.

From the experiences that I have had, the most suitable word to describe it is definately Stimulus.   I hope every University student should try this project.    After that you can write to me if ever you regret the trip.