As I told you….

Its  21.36  and I just had my dinner.    Before dinner I was infront of my  TV  tuned to 501 and had a good Sudut Pandang programme.  What a waste ,  a 30 min.  slot  have not been used at the optimum by both panelist.

The one who represent BN   regard this by-election as   petty matters. He said  a win or loose will not  change anything. The BN government is still solid strong at Parliament.   That statement alone shows that they have forgotten their former MP.  The other panelist (PR)  has also failed  to finish off the half-court  ball.

I then went through online newsBreak.     And what a news titled ” 111 Pas supporters join Umno”.   As I told  in  my earlier post I did aspect  from time to time  there will be updates on  figures of crossovers.  In this case they are only SUPPORTERS not the real MEMBERS  and  we have to thank them for showing their true colours and let them get what they really want.

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