ZAID IBRAHIM : A Man of Principle

Parti KeADILan Rakyat Advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in welcoming Datuk Zaid Ibrahim into Pakatan Rakyat says  “we are comfortable with Datuk Zaid because we have seen him steadfast in defending the principle of human rights and being very committed in standing against ISA”.

In my analysis (not professionally) our Datuk Zaid at the very beginning has accepted the offer to become de facto Law Minister with a good reason.  He knew very well that the judiciary system need to be reformed.  Every effort to abolish   the draconion law has to be addressed fast.  To him every citizen knows what  ISA is all about  but it has been misused for  political purposes.

Today Datuk Zaid is a free man – free as a bird.  He don`t have to crack his head for the sake of UMNO members anymore.  To him they should have taken that sort of action long ago, the very day he sides The Blogger.  Why must they wait only after our Datuk  attended PKR function  as a Guest  and nothing more.

Again  in my analysis (not professionally) is definately not Pak Lah that wants him out because he himself has been shown the exit door come March 2009.  Its only part of his duty.    Apart from politics I would suggest our Datuk form a club meant for unwanted members (consisting all The Brain) of UMNO.

By taking this  drastic  action – the question asked by many is What is left in UMNO?

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