As usual I celebrate Hariraya at my Mother In-law`s Bunglow in Lenggong. A total of 50 persons, young and old, big and small gathered from the 1st day until the 3rd day.

After Prayers,  Mak Lang Jah nasi minyak is served.  It is a must that everybody will get their share at one go.   After this all of us will be hand-in-hand to entertain our guests.    Only after Zohor my wife and her sisters will move to visit their Mak Long, Mak Teh , Pak Cik Yee and Mak Su. I normally could join them halfway only because I`m a “small eater”.

Coming the 3rd day I became very restless.  Its already three straight days    I missed the Blog, Newspaper and last but not  the least is Nasmer Teh Tarik.

At about 6.00 pm as my wife and I were about to pack things to go back to Ipoh, My wife`s cousin Fauziah and her husband Anas came for Hariraya. My wife Asiah and Fauziah were very close. My wife told me that between them there`s no secret.

While Asiah and Fauziah sit at one corner refreshing their memories, I have Anas acompany.  We have something in common i.e. retired public servant. In politics Anas is a PAS member while I`m with PKR.   We talk about the political climate.  We  both agree that UMNO is not relevant anymore. They`re smart in spending the rakyat money only.   Anas specifically mentioned  what has happened to MRR2.  Tones of money being dumped there and still we don`t know what going to happen days ahead.

Although Pakatan has already secured five (5) state  Anas  still not vary happy. He noticed PKR people are not like PAS and DAP.  He said PKR members were mostly former UMNO members. They are in a new Party but they still very much in love with UMNO culture.  Whatever they do they have to think about their die-hard supporters first.  Now they have the power and they will do anything to safeguard the power.  Lastly Anas hope that in the near future PAS will rule the Nation, then only he will be satisfied.

We have to stop our talk because its already Magrib and Anas going to break his fast.  Anas is on Puasa Enam.     After some time Anas and Fauziah left and we are ready also to leave for Ipoh.

Giving a thought to what Anas has said  Am I in the wrong camp?   Because to be frank I wasn`t from UMNO before joining PKR.  I was not involved in  partisan politics before that but  I read alot of books and articles on Politics.

The moral of this story is that I never knew before this Hariraya that Anas was so sharp in relating what he saw on the other side of our so called politician.   Anas stays in BANGI and we both hope we could continue this subject in the next Aidilfitri.

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