Killing me softly with her song sung by Andy Williams reminds me the historic moments I have had before.  I have to accept that those were only memories.    What I am going to write today is not about the song. It is all about Permatang Pauh by-election and about killing the two birds.

What a pity for UMNO. They simply can`t find the most suitable candidate to be fielded there. They have to rely on the serving Yang Berhormat to enter the battle.  I am using the word pity because they have three million-odd members. I doubted you can`t get good and credible members from the huge figures. From remarks that I read in the Dailies this chosen man  has no problem on his loyalty besides he is dedicated and hardworking. Thats it. What a burden Y.B.Ariff Shah has to shoulder.

From the situation at hand it is clear that the BN is going for two things.  First ly, they aspect the voters in DUN Seberang Jaya who have given their mandate during the PRU12 to do the same and a bunch or so would sympathized.  From this strategy they could reduce the majority. As some pople did say by reducing the majority it is already a moral victory.  Secondly it can be used as a precedent for the coming General Elections where popular personalities can be asked to stand in Parliamentary seat as well as in State seat to ensure  success.

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