We just heard recently that PAS and UMNO planning to organise “muzakarah” a discussion. The topics that has been agreed upon is Islam and Malay unity. But all of a sudden yesterday UMNO President proudly announced that he has already have talks with powerful high-level PAS Leaders. To be exact they already have three meetings, the first one was held just a few days after March 8th General Elections.   The outcome from the three meetings is not known.

After three solid meetings they still cannot come up with any solution leave alone the Concrete one.  I know many people including those in power are very much in favour. I still can`t see the proposed talks would lead to positive zone. For this very reason I am here in full support of Tuan Guru Datuk Sri Nik Aziz Nik Mat and totally agree with his stand.

Lastly, If UMNO really committed with the malay unity agenda they should do away with the JKKKP. By having two Ketua Kampong with one heading JKKKP and the other heading JKKK it is already a clear disunity.

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